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Dr. Auger Ice 
Fishing Services, LLC

About the Black Hills

The Black Hills of South Dakota are a truly beautiful place to live.  Not only is the scenery breathtaking, but the region is an outdoorsman's paradise.  There are year-round fishing opportunities thanks to dozens of man-made lakes in the area as well as many streams and creeks to enjoy fly fishing as well.  Hunting for turkey, elk, mountain lion, and deer are popular activities in the fall and winter.  The plains around the Hills also offer the opportunity to bag pheasants and grouse.  Thanks to the presence of many different bodies of water, there is ample opportunity to catch a wide array of species, from walleye and perch to pike and trout to bluegills, bass, and crappie.  If walleye are the desired species, Angostura and Belle Fourche Reservoirs offer anglers the opportunity to catch them.  Trout are found in most of the lakes, especially in the smaller ones dotted across the Hills.  Sylvan, Roubaix, Horsethief, and a host of other small lakes provide hours of fish-fighting fun.  Two of the more more popular lakes to fish in the Hills are Sheridan Lake and Deerfield Reservoir.  Sheridan Lake is home to perch, bluegills, pike, bass, crappie, and rainbow trout.  Deerfield is a deeper lake and has populations of perch, rainbow trout, brook trout, splake, which is a hybrid of the crossing of brook trout and lake trout, and recently introduced lake trout.  Pactola Reservoir is a large, deep lake and has rainbow and brown trout, as well as pike and an established population of lake trout.  A state record 28 pounder was caught out of it through the ice a few years ago.  It is also popular with pike fishermen.

About Myself

I grew up hunting and fishing in Lemmon, SD, having had a pole in my hand since I was 5.  I have lived in Rapid City since 2008, where I discovered the joys of ice fishing during the first winter here.  Every winter since, I am getting out more and more onto the lakes and have learned efficient ways to put fish on the ice.  I practice selective harvest and am a big proponent of catch and release.  Because of this, I became an ambassador for Recycled Fish, a non-profit organiztion dedicated to preserving our country's waters for the future.  I'm a huge advocate of sharing my knowledge with others and joined up with companies who's gear I trust to work every time out on the ice and who share this desire as well including Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Northland Tackle, HSM Outdoors, Piscifun, Cold Snap Outdoors, Amped Outdoors, and RLVNT.  I primarily target big perch and rainbow trout, but will also go after walleye, crappie, lake trout, and other species.  I am happiest on the ice and take great joy in watching others catch fish on the ice and seeing the smiles on their faces.  Thanks to learning new techniques and having great gear, it is rare the times that fish do not come up through my ice hole.

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